EHWIC-D-8ESG-P Cisco Router Ethernet Switch Card


  • Model:EHWIC-D-8ESG-P Cisco Router Ethernet Switch Card
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  • Mô tả: Cisco 1900 2900 3900 Router EHWIC WAN Card EHWIC-D-8ESG-P - Ethernet Switch Card
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Overview (EHWIC-D-8ESG-P)



8 POE Gigabit Ethernet ports, 20W per ports, Layer 2 features
Interface switching module for 1900/2900/3900 series router
Security, QoS, Multicast management, Voice Vlan, SPAN
Simplify management and troubleshoot, Reduce the Total cost of Ownership, Enhance scalability
Cisco EnergyWise, Cisco Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE), Cisco TrustSec

Cisco EHWIC-D-8ESG-P is the 8 ports POE high-speed Gigabit Ethernet interface module for 1900/2900/3900 series ISR2 router. The low-density Gigabit Ethernet interface switching module designs for small to medium-size business or branch offices to reduce the total cost of ownership and simplified management by integrating switching and routing functionality into a single chassis. Moreover, the switching module enables Cisco's industry-leading power initiatives, Cisco EnergyWise, Cisco Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE), and per-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) power monitoring, which enhance the ability of the branch office to scale to higher performance requirements and still meet environmental initiatives for IT teams to operate a power-efficient network.

EHWIC-D-8ESG-P delivers comprehensive layer 2 switching features, the 8-ports POE Gigabit Ethernet ports provide up to 20W/port which gives the options to power up IP phones, IP cameras, Wireless Access Point or other network devices. With the optional integration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, the router can also provide call processing for the phones. In addition, EHWICs provide increased performance levels, enhanced per-port security, ease of configuration, and, with inter-module cascading capabilities, they allow for additional ports expandability over time. In summary, the integrated switch module EHWIC-D-8ESG-P offers the solutions to reduce the cost of operations, simplify management and troubleshoot enhance the scalability of the business.

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